Development and Management of Land for Wildlife

Here at Graham Land Services, we can help get your land ready for anything. If you need to fill your property with wildlife, look no further for the solution. Whether you operate a commercial hunting ranch, promote your land for wildlife photography, or simply just enjoy the sight of wildlife on your property, Graham Land Services has you covered.

We specialize in developing and managing your land in a way that will attract and hold wildlife, and we can tailor your land to fit the needs of the specific animals you plan to have on your property. Our teams will be able to help you make your land the perfect home for your wildlife.

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Decades of Experience

Our founder and owner, Tod Graham, has spent over thirty years in pursuit of wild game from all over the world, from Africa to Mexico, not to mention all over the United States as well. He has been to some of the best ranches out there, and he’s seen firsthand some of the most sophisticated wildlife management plans ever created. Not to mention, his history as a record-holding professional bowhunter and waterfowl guide and outfitter has equipped him to know exactly what your land requires of it. Our team will be able to draw on all the experience that he has collected over the years, not to mention the experience of each individual team member, to create the best possible plan for your land. We’ve had many years of experience and our many happy customers over that time have helped us build our skills and understanding of what quality wildlife management truly entails.

Nature Tourism By Graham Land Services

If you are planning on incorporating any element of nature tourism into your property, you should be aware of the responsibility of managing your wildlife properly that comes with that. If you’re planning to open a hunting lease, a preservation habitat, an experience showcasing exotic wildlife, a trophy fishing lake, or another commercial use for your land, contact Graham Land Services for expert help. We’ll help make the job easy on you, and we know just what it takes to turn your property into the wildlife mecca that you have always dreamed of. 

We know exactly what it takes to attract, hold, and nurture the species you are looking for whether it be whitetail deer, ducks, a trophy fishing lake, or any number of other animals compatible with the Texas region. We offer many services to enhance your property when it comes to its attraction to certain species, including delivering and installing blinds and feeders, creating ponds for waterfowl hunting and roosting, clearing and developing the land in general.

Your Pond and Lake Experts

We also specialize in ponds and can work with you to ensure that you have the ideal pond or lake for whatever fish you intend to stock on your property. Fish ponds have different depth requirements depending on the type of fish that will be living there: our teams will make sure that your pond is suitable for whatever your intentions are. We can also add fish habitats and other strategic structures to your pond such as tree stumps turned upside down, brush piles, and more. These are always great spots to catch the fish and provide safety for the bait fish that is needed in the pond.

Graham Land Services is here to help you with all your wildlife management needs. From optimizing and clearing areas of thick trees and brush, creating hunting lanes and clearings, maintaining roads and trails, and more, we’re here to make the job easy and manageable.

Ask us about our complete ranch and property survey assessment and development plan, which we will conduct in order to decide on the perfect course of action for your land.

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