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Graham Land Services provides site work and land clearing services to Anderson, Texas, and surrounding communities. Our main service area is a 50-mile radius, but our team will go farther for bigger jobs. Just let us know what needs to be done, and we’ll come up with a plan! We team up with home builders, land developers, or homeowners and help make their visions come true.

About Anderson, Texas

Anderson, Texas, is the county seat of Grimes County, with a conservative population of 235 people. As you can see, our town may not be very big, but we do have big land aspirations. Due to the light population, there are a lot of unsettled lands here in Anderson. If you have just purchased land and it’s in need of clearing, or if your construction team doesn’t have the resources to take down the trees and build the house pad, our team has you covered.

There is a lot of land clearing that needs to be done here in this town, and we are the team to get the job done right.

What Is Site Preparation?

Site preparation is the work that is done on land prior to construction. There are many steps to take, which is why there is a team that is dedicated to this profession. 

If there are buildings already on the land, but you want to start from scratch, site preparation involves the demolition or wrecking of buildings and other structures. Site work also entails leveling, landfill, test drilling, earth moving, excavating, land drainage, tunneling, and other land preparations.

What Does Graham Land Services Provide?

We offer comprehensive services to homeowners, land developers, and home builders. Take a look at some of the things we can provide.

  • Land Clearing
  • House and Barn Pads
  • Underbushing/Forestry Mulching
  • Driveways/Parking Lots/Culverts
  • Ponds/Lakes
  • Final Grade/Rough Grade
  • Onsite Planning and Consulting
  • Excavation and Demolition

So, if you live in Anderson, Texas, and want to add a pond to your property, or if you are a home builder working on a project in the surrounding areas, get in touch with Graham Land Services today.

Why Should You Choose Us?


We are committed to meeting the highest quality standards while meeting strict project deadlines. We use the latest technology and equipment in the industry and we continue to add to our resources.


We deal directly with other home builders and property developers in addition to homeowners. We are aware that we are the land developers’ direct representatives and that we are frequently the first contractor on site. As a result, it’s critical to us that we arrive on time and that everyone knows and is at ease with the procedure.


Practice makes perfect, as the saying goes. We have over 30 years of experience in the industry, and you can expect only the highest quality work from us.


We value the time and schedule of our customers, and we always execute projects on time. But you’ll never have to be concerned about us cutting corners.

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The Best Site Work Professionals in the Area

If you are in need of land clearing or any type of site work, get in touch with Graham Land Services today. Let us know a time and date that works for you, and we will be on our way. We are based in Anderson, Texas, but we service areas within a 50-mile radius. Whether you need underbrush clearing, mulching, house pads, onsite planning, or consulting, we have you covered. Le’s get started on your new project!

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